#1968079bug7 months agoGCP CI: dial tcp: lookup api... on no such host CLOSED
  [sig-api-machinery] kube-apiserver-new-connection should be available
  Run #0: Failed expand_less	51m58s
#1887509bug11 months agoOpenshift-tests conformance TopologyManager tests run when Machine Config Operator is not installed on cluster RELEASE_PENDING
passed: [sig-network] pods should successfully create sandboxes by other
passed: [sig-api-machinery] kube-apiserver-new-connection should be available
passed: [sig-api-machinery] openshift-apiserver-new-connection should be available
passed: [sig-api-machinery] oauth-apiserver-new-connection should be available
passed: [sig-api-machinery] kube-apiserver-reused-connection should be available
passed: [sig-api-machinery] openshift-apiserver-reused-connection should be available
passed: [sig-api-machinery] oauth-apiserver-reused-connection should be available
(duplicates are used to mark some failures as flake and not to fail the whole suite
periodic-ci-openshift-release-master-ci-4.10-e2e-gcp-techpreview-serial (all) - 49 runs, 31% failed, 7% of failures match = 2% impact
#1484432856087269376junit40 hours ago
# [sig-api-machinery] disruption/oauth-api connection/new should be available throughout the test
disruption/oauth-api connection/new was failing for 1s seconds (test duration: 57m41s)

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