#1921157bug23 months ago[sig-api-machinery] Kubernetes APIs remain available for new connections ASSIGNED
T2: At 06:45:58: systemd-shutdown was sending SIGTERM to remaining processes...
T3: At 06:45:58: kube-apiserver-ci-op-z52cbzhi-6d7cd-pz2jw-master-0: Received signal to terminate, becoming unready, but keeping serving (TerminationStart event)
T4: At 06:47:08 kube-apiserver-ci-op-z52cbzhi-6d7cd-pz2jw-master-0: The minimal shutdown duration of 1m10s finished (TerminationMinimalShutdownDurationFinished event)
T5: At 06:47:08 kube-apiserver-ci-op-z52cbzhi-6d7cd-pz2jw-master-0: Server has stopped listening (TerminationStoppedServing event)
T5 is the last event reported from that api server. At T5 the server might wait up to 60s for all requests to complete and then it fires TerminationGracefulTerminationFinished event.

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